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Enrollment Information

Enrollment in a Church Cover School is one of the the first steps of your homeschool journey. Alabama requires that the enrollment of a child in a church school shall be filed with the local public school superintendent by the parent or guardian. New Hope does not provide books, curriculum or online courses - that responsibility is the parents/guardian.

Membership with NHCH provides legal covering to home school under the Alabama state law for the Church School Option as discussed in our handbook. Members are required to submit all forms and fees on time and with forms completed in full. Late paperwork may compromise your enrollment in our church school.

We have simplified our Re-enrollment process. This is done to simplify things on our end. If you do not re-enroll by August 1 you risk truancy as we will send in notification that you have withdrawn from NHCH.

To enroll in New Hope as your cover, you will need to:

To Re- enroll in New Hope as your cover, you will need to:

Progress Reports

Please note that progress reports are


They are not required by the state, and therefore we will no longer require them as a condition of enrollment. We do stress the importance of keeping thorough records. If you choose, you may continue to submit progress reports and we will add them to your file.


Forms and Fees

All forms can be found in our handbook or by using the links to the right. Forms may be emailed.

There will be a $20.00 per year charge for the first child in a family. Each additional child in the same family is $5.00, with a maximum of $40 per family. Registration will take place in June-July each year although enrollment is open year round. All fees are non-refundable, so prayerfully consider your decision to homeschool through NHCH before applying. Also, fees are not prorated throughout the year. The administrators spend the same amount of time assisting a family beginning to homeschool regardless of their enrollment date. Midyear enrollments require their immediate attention and take them temporarily away from their own children’s education schedule.

Our school year runs from July 1- June 30. All enrollments expire June 30. If you plan to continue homeschooling, you will need to re-enroll each school year by August 1.

You are now able to pay enrollment fees via paypal. We still accept checks/ money orders, but now provide an additional payment option. To pay with paypal, please send payment to our email or use the paypal direct link:

Legal Information

Fees pay for membership in the church school, providing you the legal means to homeschool in Alabama. As a hands-off church school, we refrain from interfering in your homeschooling and require only minimal reporting (annual attendance progress reports). As a result, you have complete freedom to educate your child the way you see fit.

As a legal home school covering, NHCH meets all state regulations by:

We highly recommend that you join a legal defense association to provide you with legal counsel should you need it.

Legal Defense

Membership in a legal defense association is highly recommended and will ensure that legal counsel will be provided should you be taken to court for an education related issue. Most of them also provide legal counsel as well as general homeschool advice by phone. Legal defense options include:  


1. Read our handbook.

2. Download and print the following forms:

3. Make a copy of your driver’s license.

4. Mail or email the following to NHCH:

5. Send payment for fees.

6. Mail the Request for Records form to the principal of the current/former school. We recommend sending it “Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested.” These records will be sent to you. Keep them on file where you keep your important papers.

7. We will forward your church school enrollment/ withdrawal notification form to the school superintendent for the district listed on the form. We will send a copy to you. Keep it on file where you keep your important papers.

8. Start homeschooling! You may start homeschooling at any point in the enrollment process. Be sure to check out our coop classes!

Do not delay church school enrollment after withdrawing your child from public or private school.

Fees cover the entire school year. There are no prorated fees and all fees are non-refundable. Our school year runs from July 1 through June 30, but families may start and end at any time or even school year-round.

All communications will be sent via email. You must include an email address at registration.

How to Enroll


NHCH Handbook

Church School Enrollment Form

Family Information Form

Church School Agreement Form (Liability Waiver)

Records Request

Progress Report

Co-op Enrollment Form

High School Transcript Worksheet

Driver’s License Form

New enrollment forms are required each school year by August 1.